My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Scout Bar presents the "30th Anniversary Tour" for

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

The Hunger, The Joshua Project, Provision, DJ Illusion

Sat, October 14, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Scout Bar

Houston, TX

$16.00 - $20.00

This event is 18 and over

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
In the fall of 1987, artist/performer Groovie Mann and musician Buzz McCoy met one night in a seedy Chicago neighborhood bar. Discovering they shared a common love for tabloid tales of sex and Satan, kitschy horror flicks, and trashy exploitation films, the boys started conjuring up the plot for their own B-movie to be titled MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT. Yet without much video experience and limited access to equipment, they soon scratched their dreams of celluloid, but continued working on what was to be the project's accompanying soundtrack. Chicago's renowned Wax Trax Records - home to bands like Ministry, Front 242, and KMFDM - were intrigued by the duo's experimental mixture of combining dance rhythms, movie dialogue, dark instrumentation and distorted vocals. In 1988 they released their first LP, the ominous and foreboding I See Good Spirits And I See Bad Spirits. Realizing their scrapped film idea was now considered a "band", Groovie and Buzz hastily recruited some of their nightclub friends - musically inclined or not - and hit the road in the summer of 1989, which quickly established THRILL KILL KULT as one of America's premier "industrial/goth/rock" dance acts.

With their third album Sexplosion (1991), the group mixed up their sound to include pumping bass-lines and a raunchy horn section. The album spawned the chart–topping alternative radio hit "Sex On Wheelz", and soon the major labels came knocking! The band signed to a fledgling Interscope Records later that year and oddly enough found themselves back in the world of film, writing music for an array of major and cult oriented movies such as "Showgirls", "The Flintstones", "Cool World", "Sliver" and "The Crow" - in which the band also performs, making their silver screen debut!

Two decades later, TKK continues to challenge today's alternative music scene (as well as the PMRC) with their unique style and attitude. Each album is very different from the previous, as the band likes to "stir it up", creating a potent cocktail of what can only be described as "industrial-disco-punk-glam-sleaze-rock"! They have been credited for directly influencing a broad spectrum of contemporary bands from Marilyn Manson to the Scissor Sisters. They have released 13 albums and dozens of singles over their timely career, all the while touring non-stop with their revolving entourage of musicians, performance artists and vivacious back-up singers known as THE BOMB GANG GIRLZ.

Band Members: Groovie Mann, Buzz McCoy

Sounds like: Revolting Cocks, Pigface, Sister Machine Gun, Machines Of Loving Grace, KMFDM, 1000 Homo DJs, Pig
The Hunger
The Hunger
The Hunger is an industrial rock band from Houston, Texas formed by brothers Jeff and Thomas Wilson along with Brian Albritton. During the initial year of putting the band together and working on new material the band wrote and independently released the single, "Shock" in 1991 which rose to the top of the dance charts. Industrial dance music ruled the charts in Europe along with strong ties to Chicago, Wax Trax Records, and Houston. Subsequent releases of "Cut the Skin" and "Shoot to Kill" gained national exposure on the dance charts and club scene. "Never Again" was self-released as a radio single and quickly rose to the top of Houston Radio Station's 93Q and 96.5 attracting the attention of independent record label Alpha International. Stephen Bogle produced the single of "Never Again" and signed on to become the groups guitarist and producer. The band wrote and produced the album "Leave Me Alone" but due to the bankruptcy of Alpha International the record sat idle. The following years we're spent in litigation with Alpha International as the band sought to be released from its contract and secure their publishing. Along with the three founders and newest member Stephen Bogle the band sought out drummer Max Schuldberg to complete the line up. The band recorded and produced "Grip" under their own start up label, Gut Records. "Grip" went on to sale 30,000 units with the help of a crafty rework of Bad Company's "Feel like Makin Love". Universal Records, at the time a brand new start up label, heard of the success of "Grip" and signed the band as their 2nd ever artist and began work on "Devil Thumbs a Ride". The Hunger had a hit song in 1996, "Vanishing Cream", from the Devil Thumbs a Ride CD, which received heavy airplay on rock stations and reach No. 4 on the Mainstream Rock charts. Two years of constant touring with the band finally stopping to record their second release with Universal Records, "Cinematic Superthug". After only moderate success with the single, "Moderation", the band was released from Universal Records.[citation needed] Two songs, "Shoot to Kill", also from Devil Thumbs a Ride, and "If", from Grip, reached No. 42 on Billboard's Dance/Club Play chart.[1] The band has released five albums: two on Universal Records and three on independent labels. Former drummer (1991-2003) Max Schuldberg (voted 2002's Best Drummer by the Houston Press Music Awards) parted with the band after 5 albums in 2003 and moved to Los Angeles. Former guitarist and two time Grammy Award nominee [2](remixer, for his work with D.J. Cubanito)[3] Stephen Bogle now Produces artists in the Metal, Electronic, and Pop genres. In 2013, guitarist Raf Rivera joined the lineup, and the band is currently in the process of recording their first new material in over 8 years.
Information Provision is an electronic music group based in Houston, Texas. Founded in November of 2000, Provision's music was initially self-described as "Electronic Dance Music with an Edge".

In September of 2012 with the coming of their 5th Full Length L.P. lead singer Breye Sevenex coined the term "Darkpop" to describe Provision's unique style of cultured Synthpop, Industrial Dance and Darkwave ambiance.

Provision is widely known for their live shows in which you will hear classic Provision hits, along with brand new Provision tracks. Provision shows combine live synthesizers and electronic percussion, non-stop energy, intelligent lighting, and powerful vocals; with lyrics that tug at the heart.

Provision has released 5 L.P.'s and 4 E.P.'s, appeared on numerous compilations; and produced numerous remixes for other electronic artists.

Provision toured the U.S. for their albums Evaporate and Visualize, and has established themselves as a credible and professional support act in the U.S. electronic music scene having shared the stage with Red Flag, Anything Box, The Human League, Clan of Xymox, T-4-2, When In Rome, Cause & Effect, Shiny Toy Guns, Imperative Reaction, Icon of Coil, System Syn, Assemblage 23, Cesium_137, The Hunger, Christopher Anton (Information Society), The Cruxshadows, Cylab, //TENSE//, Espermachine, God Module, and CTRL, among many others...

Provision has performed live at numerous music festivals including Synthcon 2002, ADD2K4, ADD2K5, ADD2K6, SiNthetik Sk13s II, III & IV, Electro-Nexus, Summer Synthpop Festival 2003, Synthfest 2004, Texas Industrial Fest 2010, TERRORBYTE 2011, as a vendor for A Different Drum at Convergence X, and as a performer at Convergence XIX.

Provision won "Best New U.S. Artist" for 2002 in the American Synthpop Awards at Synthcon in Los Angeles.

Provision has been Nominated in 2011 and 2013 for
"Best Electronic Band" in the Houston Press Music Awards.

On 10-11-12, North America’s specialists of Darkpop released their 5th Full Length L.P. titled “A New Revolution” on Kathodik Records.

Fans can expect a return to Provision’s signature style of synthpop and industrial dance they pioneered on their debut album “Evaporate”, along with a ton of new sounds; and a nod to minimalism.

For the first time ever, fans will hear subjects of social and political content; intertwined with songs that long for change, uprising, identity, faith, promise, deception, and closure.

This is the first Provision album ever, to have been written, recorded, and produced by the same writing team for 2 consecutive albums within the band – Jen, Matt, and Breye.

With "A New Revolution", Provision has crafted an album that is as dark and edgy, as it is Synthpop. It's everything you would expect from the band, while moving forward and pushing the boundaries as always.

A New Revolution is signature Provision through and through.

Longtime fans, as well as newer fans who only recently discovered Provision with "Paradigm Shift"; will surely be thrilled by Provision’s 5th album. This album is as Classic as it will be New. The name simply says it all.

The wait is over. The Revolution is Here!!!

Provision is recommended to fans of: Camouflage, Moev, Red Flag, Cetu Javu, Depeche Mode, Seabound, Celebrate The Nun, Front 242, Ashbury Heights, Pet Shop Boys, Code 64, Nitzer Ebb, Xymox, Imperative Reaction, Anything Box, Cause & Effect, System Syn, Nine Inch Nails, When in Rome, Information Society, and The Human League.
Venue Information:
Scout Bar
18307 Egret Bay Blvd
Houston, TX, 77058