Scout Bar presents


Audic Empire, One Jack Move, Jam Retreevers

Thu, August 16, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Scout Bar

Houston, TX


This event is 18 and over

Reggae Rock for the world,
Deeply rooted in (SO)uth (W)est (FLO)rida.

"After 2 successful EP-length releases (SOWFLO/2010 & Rising/2013) and 5 self-booked national tours, SowFLo have built themselves a rabid fanbase and an increasingly impressive reputation. Which, by the way, spreads far beyond their native shores of Naples, Florida."

- SOWFLO is slated to release their debut full-length album "Such Is Life" on June 30th 2016. The album was recorded at Studio Center Miami with engineers Richard Maloney and five-time Grammy winner Marc Lee.

"Their music is currently in rotation on the radio in South Florida, internationally in Aruba, and as far as Athens, Greece. Their videos have garnered over 300,000 total views on Youtube. With a modest but burgeoning international fan base, as well as strong backing at home in the USA; Sowflo seems poised to shock the Reggae world."

YOU can join the sowFLo movement online at;

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(username : SOWFLO)

SOWFLO's music is available on-
iTunes & iTunes Radio, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Mp3, Google Play Music, Rdio, Rhapsody, Mog, etc...

#1 SouthWest Florida Reggae Band (SPOT Magazine Awards)

Placed 1st at the "Battle To Rock The Fort" battle of the bands at Dixie Roadhouse - April 23rd 2016
Audic Empire
Audic Empire
Audic Empire was formed in late 2010. Since then they have been turning heads in the Austin music scene with their psychedelic, Reggae/rock and feel good tunes. They have a high intensity performance and an astonishing sound with the contrast of two singers, their Red Hot solo Guitarist, and rock solid rhythm section. Audic Empire has played with numerous great artists and festivals. Audic’s first album Sativa SunRise will be debut in 2015, but they have released their Sativa Sunrise EP which is available on, Hard copies are also available. You can listen and download songs from,, and will also be coming soon to iTunes. With the rapid growth of their reggae/rock sound, Audic Empire is on the rise with their journey to produce a unifying sound wave of love and music.

"One soulution through a creative bind."
One Jack Move
One Jack Move
A rock, reggae, and blues outfit based in Austin, TX, this 4-piece displays a remarkable passion for music that shines during their live shows. With a fun and energetic following of local music lovers behind them, their unique groove and eclectic style presents itself through the strong vocals of Dom Pucci, jaw-dropping lead guitar licks from Zack Pattenson, and a tight rhythm section consisting of John Baker on bass and Adam Beliveau on drums.
Jam Retreevers
Jam Retreevers
Forged and formed in "The Warehouse", this group is centered around a philosophy of collective creation through musical improvisation.
Venue Information:
Scout Bar
18307 Egret Bay Blvd
Houston, TX, 77058