1. Was my credit card incorrectly charged and what is an authorization?

When a credit/debit card is used at Scout it is automatically authorized for $25 of available credit. The authorization is NOT a charge, it is a credit check and will disappear from your online statement in (2) to (3) business days depending on your credit card company. Then your online statement will show the correct amount spent. If not, please contact Aline Wilson at: [email protected] and she will help you.

2. How do I purchase tickets for a show at Scout?

A) Scout Box Office: Wed-Sun 7pm-2am
B) Online: www.scoutbar.com click the “Purchase Tickets Here” link and follow instructions.

3. Please explain Will Call?

If you purchase tickets and chose Will Call you will not receive hard copy tickets. Just show your I.D. and Credit Card you purchased with to cashier, she will check you off list, and you’re in. (If your tickets were purchased with a credit card other than your own, please contact Aline at: [email protected] to make arrangements)

4. What is the parking situation?

Parking is Free. The entire Marina Gate parking lot is available for parking(front and back). Also, the Office Building parking lot next to, and just south of Scout is available for parking. **Please do not leave cars over night in Office Building parking lot, towing is enforced the next business day.**

5. What are the Age Requirements?

Almost all national act shows are all ages shows. Generally speaking, Scout is usually 18 and up for regular business. Check the banner for the show you are interested in for age requirements.

All Ages Show Restrictions: Children 12 and under are generally not admitted. If you wish to bring your child to a show, please get prior approval before show date. Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The phrase “All Ages” used on any flyer, ad or other website, including Ticketfly’s, only means that the event is not restricted to 18 or 21 and up. Carefully note any age restrictions when purchasing tickets. If an event is listed as 18 or 21+ only, that means ALL patrons.

6. Can I Smoke in Scout?

Smoking is NOT allowed in Scout. There are (2) outdoor patio’s where smoking is permitted.

7. What is your dress code?

The dress code for Scout is casual. Shorts, t-shirts, and ball caps are exceptable. NO jersey’s,white t’s, tank tops(wife beaters), excessively baggy clothing, etc. Scout Bar reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

8. How do I book my band at Scout?

Use the Appropriate E-mail Form located under the Booking section of this sites main menu.

9. How do I open for a national touring act?

Generally, touring national acts have their own supports. When there is an available slot, we tend to work with bands that have played previously at Scout and have consistent draws. This however is not written in stone, there are always exceptions.