The Texas Buzz

Here’s a brief description:

The Texas Buzz is a one hour radio show designated for unsigned bands (and occasional signed bands) that is broadcast every Sunday evening from 9pm-10pm on 94.5 the Buzz and is hosted by A.D. In addition to the radio show, there is a live remote hosted at Scout every Sunday evening from 10pm-1am featuring (3) up and coming bands from across the great state of Texas. It is a great way to build your bands following in the greater Houston area and get some very precious airplay.

Admission is FREE for 21 and up. 18 and up are allowed in. Admission is $10 for minors.

Drink special is $6 Pitchers and $3 Jagers all night.

Doors open at 8pm

How do I get my band on the Texas Buzz?

The most effective way to be considered for a Texas Buzz showcase is by coming up during a show and give your demo directly to the host of the show, A.D. If that is not an option, please send an email to Thomas Wilson at: [email protected] .